Saturday, March 31, 2012

1.1 1.2 1.2.3 1.2.4, come on notch lets have 1.3! well ive got some sweet 1.2.4 seeds for you guys,
1. 336263053901983088 - This seed which creates a large island in the middle of a vast ocean, perfect for waterside city builds!

2. 7407028261324894234 - This seed creates a giant hollowed out mountain at (x=25, z=275) and was discovered by the legendary seed-finder aminom.

3. createnewworld - Franknova on the Minecraft forums discovered this seed which generates a large island filled with some very epic mountains and overhangs.

4. Dovahkiin - Looking for a quick way to find diamonds? The seed Dovahkiin generates an NPC village very close to spawn at (x=135, z=145) and inside the Blacksmith's chest are 4 diamonds amongst other items.

5. infq - This is a normal survival island seed except for the fact that there is a large collection of mushroom islands to the left of the spawn point.

6. Rusteh - Topazz found this seed which spawns you inside a skeleton dungeon! Luckily there is a cave along the side of the dungeon leading to the surface. If you manage to escape there are some interesting mountains in the surrounding area at (x=400, z=275).

7. Winter - Spawn in lava... that's it. Really.. (great trolling seed)

Got some you want to share? Comment away!